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      Face Lift Surgery

Of all the facial plastic surgery procedures Dr. Tseng performs, facelift surgery provides perhaps the most dramatic and impressive improvement. Not surprisingly, it is also the procedure that requires the most time and extensive amount of work. Patients concerned about the aged appearance of their cheeks, jowls, jawline, and neck are the best candidates for this procedure.

The popularity of the facelift and its evolution has resulted in the development of a variety of different incisions and techniques. Dr. Tseng uses an incision that minimizes the movement of any facial hair (especially in the temple region) and with his meticulous closure technique, leaves an imperceptible scar. The operation involves four stages: the incision, the elevation of the skin, the repositioning of the facial muscles and fat, and closure. Dr. Tseng routinely addresses both the cheek/jowl and neck area during the third stage of the procedure to maximize improvement in both areas.

Dr. Tseng's primary goal is to ensure a natural-looking appearance by camouflaging scars while maximizing surgical improvement. Because of the ability of facelift surgery to dramatically improve the appearance of the face, it is one of the most satisfying procedures Dr. Tseng performs. However, facelift surgery is not for everyone. The best results are seen with properly-selected candidates who enter the surgical process psychologically prepared and with realistic expectations.

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