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      Forehead and Eyebrow Lift Surgery

As we age, horizontal creases in the forehead deepen, and the eyebrows tend to drift downward, giving the eyes a shaded or tired look. The goal of a forehead and eyebrow lift, or brow lift, is to raise the brow to its more youthful position, in line with the bony ridge above the eyes and to reposition the forehead skin so that it appears smoother, with the creases and deep grooves eliminated. It is often beneficial to perform brow lift in conjunction with blepharoplasty, as the two areas sometimes need to be treated together.

Dr. Tseng employs several different techniques for brow lifting surgery. One of those techniques is the endoscopic brow lift. The endoscopic technique involves making three to five small incisions behind the hairline, through which endoscopic and surgical equipment is passed. The surgery is performed while watching the instruments on a monitor. Another technique employed by Dr. Tseng involves creating a small incision along existing forehead creases, elevating the eyebrow and removing excess forehead tissue. This incision is closed meticulously, resulting in an imperceptible scar that looks better than the preexisting forehead crease. This mid-forehead buttonhole lift has a much lower chance of complications, such as forehead numbness, fluid collections, unpredictable and short-lived results, than other methods of eyebrow elevation.

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